Re-Skill-ience Workshop Series

G.A.L.A. hosts hands-on homesteading and bushcraft workshops about everything from beekeeping to fermenting foods to grafting and beyond! Learn more here.

Start a Study Circle

Every year G.A.L.A. helps communities in NH organize Study Circles – small groups of people coming together to learn about topics of sustainability in a fashion similar to a book club.  Learn more.

Sustain-A-Raisers and You!

Sustain-A-Raisers are volunteer-led installations of raised garden beds, rain barrels, compost bins, cold frames, and clotheslines! Inquire about hosting or volunteering for a Raiser today!

Upcoming Re-skill-ience Workshop

Friction Fire
Using the Bow & Drill Method

With Tom Belluscio

Saturday, August 26th
From 9-11am
At 3 Pork Hill Rd
Ossipee, NH

Local organization Global Awareness Local Action (G.A.L.A.) is excited to announce the next feature in their 2017 NH Re-skill-ience Workshop Series, hands-on workshops focusing on homesteading, sustainable living, and traditional bushcraft skills. Workshops are designed to help participants develop skills and knowledge that strengthen personal and community resilience.  The next workshop, Friction Fire – The Bow and Drill Method with Tom Belluscio, takes place on Saturday, August 26th from 9-11am, at 3 Pork Hill Rd in Ossipee, NH.

The ability to create fire has long been held as a one of, if not the most significant development in human history. From cooking our food, providing us with life sustaining warmth or warding off wild animals, to lighting a candle when the power goes out or even the internal combustion that propels our vehicles; fire has shaped our lives. While modern implements and technology have made the process of fire lighting an endeavor easily taken for granted, the age old skill of breathing a flame to life is still as important today as it was thousands of years ago. To fully understand and appreciate this process we must travel back in time and start at the beginning, the way that our ancestors did.

Fire by friction is the age old and often romanticized method of rubbing two pieces of wood together in order to produce a red hot coal. The coal is then used to create a flame. Learning the proper form and technique is as important as being able identify the materials ideally suited to the task. Join us as Registered Maine Guide and Founder of Northeast Wilderness Company, Tom Belluscio, shares his knowledge of this time honored traditional wilderness skill.

Students should come prepared with a sharp fixed blade knife, and an enthusiasm for hands on learning. Everyone will leave with a functioning bow-drill set and a more complete knowledge of what it takes to create fire with consistency and efficiency.


This workshop takes place from 9-11am, at The Grange Hall at 3 Pork Hill Rd in Ossipee. The cost to participate in the workshop is $18.00. Pre-registration is specifically requested for this event to be sure enough supplies will be provided. Please register HERE, or by calling 603-539-6460.

DONATE to Makerspace Building Capital Campaign

Donate Here:

Since G.A.L.A.’s very first potluck in 2007, the seed was planted to one day create a space where people could gather in a collaborative working environment with access to tools, equipment, and workshops that help build sustainable, thriving community. Today, we are closer than ever before to this vision becoming reality, arguably at a time when it needed most.

In celebrating our 10-year anniversary we are launching a 3-year capital campaign to raise 1 million dollars; the total project cost of

a) purchasing a building

b) designing and renovating the space based on community feedback, and

c) furnishing the space with the equipment, tools, and infrastructure resulting fully operating Community Makerspace.

Today, we are more than 80% toward reaching the first milestone – buying the building. We have a fully executed purchase and sale agreement to purchase 23 Bay St. for $400,000 with a closing date set for September 8th, 2017. Last week we received the exciting news that G.A.L.A. has been selected among a very competitive grant application process to receive $250,000 from the Northern Borders Regional Commission. Several very generous supporters and private foundations have already made generous pledges to that positioned G.A.L.A. to receive this grant. Together, with grant funding and pledges, we have $325,000 available to put toward the building purchase price.

That leaves three weeks to raise the remaining $75,000 necessary to purchase the building on September 8th – and we can do it!


We have come so very, very far and now it’s up to all of us to leverage this momentum and reach the first major milestone in realizing this long held vision of a Community Makerspace. Time is ticking. Just imagine a space offering businesses incubator services alongside independent studio time, educational workshops, and a collaborative environment to mature ideas and passions into lasting, viable ventures.

Imagine a Tool Library, Repair Cafe, and Community Bike Share. The facility at 23 Bay St. is well suited to make all of this possible, and G.A.L.A. is ready for the challenge. Donate today to have a direct and immediate impact on creating a hub for people of all ages and walks of life to deepen sense of purpose and connection, fine-tune employable skills, prototype or scale up new or existing entrepreneurial ventures, and otherwise move us closer and closer to what it means to live in thriving, creative, resilient community.

This project is a physical representation of G.A.L.A.’s mission to “Strengthen community by bringing people together to discover passions and cultivate skills that enrich rural lives and livelihoods.” Let’s bring this mission to life. After you donate, take the next step of sharing this donation page with friends, family, coworkers, and even strangers in the street! We have three weeks. Ready? Go!

G.A.L.A.’s next Youth Track Program


Hand Tool Care
Saturday, August 19th
267 Camp School Rd, Wolfeboro
Ages 9-16

Global Awareness Local Action (G.A.L.A.) is excited to announce the next workshop in a new Youth Track of their popular Re-skill-ience Workshop Series.  The new youth track will be geared toward engaging children and young adults in the same homesteading, sustainable living, and traditional bushcraft skills that have defined G.A.L.A.’s ongoing workshops.  These hands-on classes are designed to help participants develop skills and knowledge that strengthen personal and community resilience, this time with a focus on youth! The next workshop in the series is titled Caring for Edged Hand Tools: Sharpening, Oiling, and Storage, and will be led by Christopher Russel lead instructor of JMB’s School of The Forest program.  


Children, ages 9-16, are invited to come see the basics of caring for edged tools, from sharpening to oiling and storage, and learn to make a simple sharpening paddle. Participants are asked to bring a tool that may be in need of a little love. This class takes place on Saturday, August 19th, from 3pm-6pm at 267 Camp School Rd in Wolfeboro, NH.


Lots of young people are drawn to hand tools. There’s something about learning to whittle, or cutting up vegetables for dinner that fascinates all of us, especially at a young age. The side of this that doesn’t often get seen is the work that goes into the care of those tools.  Christopher Russell runs School Of The Forest, a Wolfeboro Based youth outdoor education program that focuses on camp and outdoor skills, as well as taking a hands on approach to ecology with the hope that students leave the courses with a deeper understanding of where they fit into the ecosystem they’re a part of everyday.

This workshop is being offered for free thanks to the generous support from an anonymous donor advised fund of the NH Charitable Foundation. Space is limited to 15 participants. Pre-register HERE or by calling 603-539-6460.