2016 Re-Skill-ience Workshop Series

Join G.A.L.A. and Jack Mountain Bushcraft School on the first Wednesday of every month for hands-on learning about everything from beekeeping to fermenting foods to grafting and beyond! Learn more here.

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Campfire Cooking Workshop, July 6th 2016

campfire cooking

Local organizations Global Awareness Local Action (G.A.L.A.) and Jack Mountain Bushcraft School are excited to announce the next feature in their 2016 monthly NH Re-skill-ience Workshop Series, hands-on workshops focusing on homesteading, sustainable living, and traditional bushcraft skills. Workshop are designed to help participants develop skills and knowledge that strengthen personal and community resilience.The next workshop, Campfire Cooking with Tim Smith of Jack Mountain Bushcraft School takes place on Wednesday, July 6th, from 5-7pm off Camp School Rd in Wolfeboro.
Interested in the ancient art of cooking over a fire? Join Tim Smith, founding director of the Jack Mountain Bushcraft School and registered Master Maine Guide, for Campfire Cooking: Learning about Dutch Oven, Reflector Oven, and Pot Suspension Systems. Tim spends about six months of the year living off the grid and has cooked thousands of meals over open fires from Maine to Alaska.

Participants can expect to learn about lighting and managing a cooking fire, selecting appropriate pots and equipment and building a simple pot suspension system, as well as dutch oven and reflector oven cooking and a few recipes from Tim’s recent book “The Woods Cook: Outdoor Cooking With a Professional Guide” (available on Amazon).

Tim will be cooking chicken in a dutch oven, making sourdough biscuits in a reflector oven, making “guide coffee”, and finishing with a dutch oven Aroostook Custard. Dutch oven cooking with both charcoal and open fire will be demonstrated.

Participants should bring their own plate, bowl, silverware and appetite.

This workshop takes place from 5:00pm to 7:00pm, at 267 Camp School Rd, Wolfeboro, NH. The cost to participate in the workshop is $15.00. Pre-registration is requested at https://galacommunity.org/events/?EventId=28537

or by calling 603-539-6460.

No Impact Man Film Showing – Thur July 7


Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 9.18.27 AM

Join the Green Mountain Conservation Group (GMCG) and G.A.L.A. for an outdoor movie night screening of No Impact Man, on July, 7/7 at the GMCG Office (196 Huntress Bridge Road, Effingham, NH) at 7pm.

This tree-hugging, polar bear saving, bicycle composting film is about how one man dragged his family to live a life of zero impact. “For one year, Colin Beavan swore off plastic and toxins, turned off his electricity, went organic, became a bicycle nut, and tried to save the planet from environmental catastrophe while dragging his young daughter and his wife along for the ride.” This is a sensational, funny, and consciousness-raising story of how they managed this in the middle of Manhattan.

If interested, here is a link to the No Impact Man website where you can read more about the project and movie trailer.

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