Free Mother’s Day Waltz


Free Waltzing Workshop and Mother’s Day Dance

Sunday, May 14th, workshop 2-3pm, Dancing 3-5pm

The public is invited to an unusual chance to learn or brush up on your waltzing with an hour-long instruction from 2-3pm, followed by a two-hour dance from 3 to 5pm.
Live music by String Equinox will accompany the dance while studio music ranging from bluegrass and folk to country, pop, and even light rock, all in a variety of tempos will be used during instruction. Community dances are a lovely event for all ages and abilities, suitable for entire families, especially on these two family holidays! Check out 1-step waltzing and rotary style waltzing on youtube if you want to see a bit.
The event, in the “Great Hall” of Wolfeboro Town Hall is a free event made possible by being generously supported by the Cate Memorial Fund.
Teacher Nancy Kierstead, a passionate waltz and blues dancer, will include an organic style of spinning while dancing, ladies (‘followers’) doing independent turns under their partner’s arm, and the dancers traveling side-by-side in various simple but pretty promenade styles across the dance floor, to the familiar 1-2-3 waltz meter. Nancy began teaching waltzing in order to create more waltzers in NH, and thereby create a demand for more local waltzing dance events.
Come alone, or bring a partner, it won’t matter, as during the lesson partners will be switching every few minutes, and in the community dance that follows, dancers often switch partners after each song to waltz with new people.
Potluck snacks will be available and all are encouraged to contribute to the healthy non-dessert snack options. Fruits, crackers and cheese, chips and salsa, vegetable sticks and dip are all welcome!
To protect the newly refinished wood floor in the Great Hall, please bring an extra pair of shoes for dancing that do not have a black sole, or use the brush at the door to clean your shoes… although many dance barefooted!
G.A.L.A. is also looking to fill a few small volunteer shifts for the dances this year if you are interested. To sign up for this event, please visit our website, or call the office at 603-539-6460, or email

We hope to see you there!