Let Us Sew!

Sewing for Beginners with Juno Lamb
This Tuesday the 13th from 6-8pm
At the Chocorua Public Library

Super excited about this next Re-skill-ience Workshop!  Sewing for Beginners: Improv Potholders with Juno Lamb takes place on Tuesday, November 13th, from 6-8pm at the Chocorua Public Library at 25 Deer Hill Rd. This is the last workshop of the year, generously funded by the Tamworth Foundation!

For many generations sewing was a basic life skill that empowered people to make and repair their own clothing and textiles. Sewing is also fun and relaxing—repetitive motion activities decrease cortisol and increase serotonin in the brain. This workshop for adults teaches you that it is never too late to learn skills that can be passed down to your child!

Juno Lamb is a lifelong maker, mender, artist and teacher. She has constructed and embellished wedding garments, knitted in binary code, painted a farmers’ market worth of vegetables onto silk shoes, made a diversity of dolls, and mended more clothing and textiles than she can remember. One of her motivating desires is to work with secondhand textiles—to repurpose and reuse castoffs. “And scraps!” she says. “Like the threads in my great-grandmother’s box marked ‘string too short to be used.’” Another passion is to work in community, “to create opportunities for people to realize they can do this too, whatever the ‘this’ is.”

During the workshop, participants will learn three or four basic stitches and make a beautiful hand-stitched improv potholder, a perfect gift for your Thanksgiving hosts or a reminder of skill and resiliency with which to grace your own kitchen while you prepare the feast. We will practice running stitch, back-stitch, whipstitch, and optional blanket stitch. These basic stitches will allow you to begin to mend your own clothes or create other hand-sewn gifts. No prior sewing experience is necessary. We will have plenty of fabric and sewing supplies, but if you have a cotton weave fabric you love, feel free to bring it along. Experienced sewers are also welcome to come make a potholder with us. You are welcome to stay a bit longer to finish your project if needed.

The cost to participate in the workshop is $15 to hold your place. Scholarships available upon request. Pre-registration is specifically requested for this event to be sure enough supplies will be provided. Click the link on the right to register! Hope we see you there.



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