A Reflection on the Future: A Look into Angie’s Internship at G.A.L.A.

Angie, a sophomore at Bennington College in Vermont, spent six weeks in January and February interning with G.A.L.A. to fill her Field Work Term Requirement. While she was here she helped with Study Circle state wide outreach, made paper, created a HUGE scrap book, helped organize the Contra Dances and a Fixing the Future Film showing, and more! Thank you for all of your help Angie! She has shared a small portion of her final reflection paper:

IMG_1290All of my life, when thinking about my future, the one thing that I wished for most was stability. My well being, having a place to live, food to eat, clothes to wear, and a job to support those simple goals, was my main focus and motivation. I also hoped and wished to be leading a happy life, but my fear of the unknown stemming from a lack of means to support myself, has always pushed stability to be my main concern. Both of the internships I have completed thus far, I have worked for people who founded, created and built up their businesses.  They took a risk on building a career to tailor what they saw as most important in their own lives, and what would make them happiest doing.

A huge learning experience for me came during the Fixing the Future screening event. The movie was a documentary on how localized economies have the potential to lead our country into a brighter future. The film itself gave me a lot of ideas to reflect on, but the discussion afterwards was what was truly inspiring. It was amazing to hear stories of actions people had already taken towards helping to create alternative economic opportunities in their community.  They are taking huge risks to try and better their own lives, and the lives of the community that surrounds them. Talking to these people has given me the courage to someday go out and explore my interests to their fullest, and maybe even take a job that might not seem so conventional, but will bring me happiness. I’d like to not only strive for finding a sort of peace and balance between the environment and our ever advancing world and cultures, but also how doing that can also bring those same things into my own life as well.

Coming to this small New Hampshire town, meeting many new people and learning so much during my time at G.A.L.A. has shown me that sometimes, a risk is more than worth taking. Stability is a great, but I realize that as I grow older and begin a pattern into adulthood and all that it brings, I don’t want to merely be surviving—I want to be living.  I’d much rather be doing something I find meaningful and fulfilling and just getting by, then living comfortably but being miserable. Over the course of my internship, I have heard time and time again from various people I have encountered that life is a journey where there is no destination; except for the experiences you gain along the way. And as I finish my time here in New Hampshire, I am given wishes of luck on the next leg of my journey, and as I go I feel a lot happier knowing that I have gained such important knowledge here during my stay.

THANK YOU ANGIE – From the bottom of our green G.A.L.A. hearts!


A German Chocolate Cake to show our appreciation!

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