Order your Compost Bin & Rain Barrel before April 1st!

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Tired of seeing all of those kitchen leftovers get thrown in the trash or eaten by critters in your makeshift composting bin in the backyard? Here’s your chance to turn kitchen scraps into a rich soil amendment. Wondering how you can conserve water while still keeping your plants and gardens happy on dry days? Here’s your chance to catch and store rainwater to use on your garden or houseplants.


Every year G.A.L.A. participates in a statewide composting bin and rain barrel sale organized by the Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA). Through Friday April 1st a backyard composting bin and how-to guide with a combined retail value of $100 can be purchased through G.A.L.A. for only $50. The bin is black, has a 10-year warranty, and is made of 100% recycled plastic. It’s approximately 33″ high and 33″ wide, or large enough for a family of five. For an additional $10 you will receive a kitchen pail to collect food scraps by your sink before disposing them in your outdoor bin. It’s estimated that 25% of the average household’s waste consists of yard trimmings and kitchen scraps that can be easily composted. By composting this waste participants help the town save $98 for every ton of waste they compost because it is not shipped out of town for disposal.


Rainwater barrels are also available at reduced rates during this limited time offer. Large 55 gallon systern barrels made from high-density poly-ethylene with up to 50% recycled plastic and a retail value of $120, are being offered for only $65. Rain barrels include all accessories necessary to attach the barrel to any existing downspout system. Participants will save water and could cut household sewage treatment and water bills by up to 40%. Conserve resources and reduce town spending by purchasing a backyard compost bin and rainwater barrel today!


Order forms are available at the Wolfeboro Transfer Station, Wolfeboro Town Offices, Made on Earth, Stay Tuned, and the Wolfeboro Chamber of Commerce. Or, download the order forms directly online:


Wolfeboro Residents Click Here
Ossipee Residents Click Here


The Wolfeboro Town Hall will also display the featured compost bin and rainwater barrel leading up to registration deadline. Interested residents may also contact G.A.L.A. volunteer, Pat Jones, directly for more information by calling 569-0031, or email . All orders must be in by Friday, April 1st. Participants will pickup their bin and barrel purchases at the Wolfeboro Town Garage on Saturday May 7th beteen 9am and 2pm, in conjunction with the town’s annual curbside cleanup day! Download a registration form directly by visiting G.A.L.A.’s website – www.galacommunity.org.