Basics of Pruning Fruit Trees Workshop – Mar 2

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G.A.L.A. is excited to pair up with the Jack Mountain Bushcraft School to announce the next feature in their 2016 monthly NH Re-skill-ience Workshop Series, hands-on workshops focusing on homesteading, sustainable living, and traditional bushcraft skills that strengthen personal and community resilience. The next workshop, Basics of Pruning Fruit Trees, takes place with Michael Haeger on Wednesday, March 2nd, 4-6pm at The Woodsman School in Sanbornville, NH.

The workshop will cover basic fruit tree pruning techniques. According to the Orchard Network, pruning helps to a) develop and maintain a balanced tree, of manageable size and even shape b) rejuvenate the tree, stimulating strong growth and new fruit-bearing branches c) let in light and air, encouraging a regular crop of healthy fruit, and d) remove branches that are diseased, damaged, crossing and badly placed. Participants will learn about how and when to use different pruning tools, such as pruning saws, loppers, secateurs, and pruning knives, as well as the basic principles around making small and large cuts.

This Basics of Pruning Fruit Trees workshop takes place on Wednesday, March 2nd, 4-6pm at The Woodsman School Sanbornville, NH (70 Stoneham Rd.) The cost to participate in the workshop is $15 per person. There is limited space and most G.A.L.A. workshops fill fast. Pre-registration is requested by visiting the online registration page, or by calling 603-539-6460.

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