BBQ was Blast – Thanks!

Thank you to everyone who helped make the Ossipee Mt. Grange BBQ a great success. As the Carroll County Independent and Granite State News reported, the “community [came] together” to make the event possible. Thanks especially to everyone who volunteered their time and energy to help distribute invitations, post flyers, prepare the site, cook food, make games, serve food, take photos, and make music. Thanks also to everyone who donated food, flowers, pumpkins, grill, chairs, tables, and musical equipment. Our guest speakers were very engaging and inspiring and the band made for a fabulous afternoon contra dance party. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

View photos from the BBQ on G.A.L.A.’s Flikr page and download the newspaper article from the Grange Revitalization web-page. Stay tuned for upcoming events at the Grange including a Homesteading Winter Workshop Series ’09.