Becky Swaffield receives Volunteer of the Month!

January’s Volunteer of the Month award goes to Becky Swaffield! Becky has contributed hundreds of hours over the last 5 years since G.A.L.A. was founded in 2006. Her most common means of  volunteering include grant editing and soup making!  This was Becky’s 4th year in a row cooking the now famous Chowda’ for G.A.L.A.’s First Night Chili & Chowda’ Fundraiser.  Pictured above is Becky asking Mary Beth to make sure the soup is ready, or if it needs any final flavor adjustments.  I think the verdict was “it’s perfect!”.

Becky not only volunteers for G.A.L.A., but she also walks the G.A.L.A. walk – especially when it comes to sustainable food!  During the Farmers’ Market season you are bound to catch either Becky collecting her local vegetables, or her son Willie shopping from a list she has provided.   Becky has a backyard garden of her own, right next to the clothesline G.A.L.A. installed as part of the Sustain-A-Raiser program!

There are so many more words of praise for Becky and if you’re are one of Becky’s fortunate acquaintances then you are aware of her active commitment to a strong and healthy community.

Becky, on behlaf of the G.A.L.A. Community, thank you so much for your commitment to sustainable community building!!

If you see Becky in the streets or catch her at her family business – The Kingswood Press (one of G.A.L.A.’s most valued business sponsor and supporter!) –  be sure to congratulate her for this recognition!

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