Bike/Walk to Work Day – Friday, May 16th

The year 2008 marks the 52nd consecutive year that the League of American Bicyclists has declared May to be National Bike Month. The League of American Bicyclists is the oldest bicycling organization, whose purpose is to promote better education and better facilities for bicyclists.  This year, they are promoting Bike to Work Week from May 12-16 and Bike to Work Day on Friday, May 16.

The Wolfeboro Department of Parks and Recreation is organizing a community wide event for Friday May 16th.  Riding a bike to work can greatly improve your physical fitness, reduce stress, reduce the cost of commuting, reduce parking congestion downtown and benefit the environment.  In celebration of National Bike Month, the Department will be collaborating with different groups to promote safe bicycling in Wolfeboro.

On Friday May 16th, National Bike to Work Day, Paul Penman and Sue Glenn from the Wolfeboro Department of Parks and Recreation will be around town all day catching commuters.  Prizes will be given out to folks seen biking to work and to school on Friday.  Any businesses, groups or organizations wishing to participate can notify the Wolfeboro Department of Parks and Recreation at 569-5639.  We may reward your employees, customers or guests!

Please remember the following tips from cycling experts can lead to safer biking:

Wear a helmet – it prevents serious head injuries (about 75 percent of all deaths or permanent injuries in bicycling accidents are caused by brain injuries).

Ride on the right side of the road, with the traffic, not against it.

Wear reflectors and have reflectors on spokes for dawn or at dusk time of day.

Do not use radios, CD players or taper players with earphones, while riding, because you cannot hear traffic or are not aware of dangers.

If riding alone, let others know where you will be and how long you will be, on the ride.

Beware of intersections for cars, traffic, other cyclists, walkers or rollerbladers.  At least 85 percent of all bicycle accidents happen at intersections.

Follow road signs.

Ride in control.

HELMET SAFETY  (Source: Safe Kids World Wide)

To make sure a bicycle helmet fits correctly, use the “eyes, ears, and mouth” test:

EYES:  when you look up, you should see the bottom rim of the helmet.  This should be one or two finger-widths above the eyebrows.

EARS:  The straps should form a V under the earlobes, and should be snug but comfortable.

MOUTH:  When you open your mouth as wide as you can, youshould feel the helmet hug your head.  If not, tighten the straps.