A Reflection on the Future: A Look into Angie’s Internship at G.A.L.A.

Angie, a sophomore at Bennington College in Vermont, spent six weeks in January and February interning with G.A.L.A. to fill her Field Work Term Requirement. While she was here she helped with Study Circle state wide outreach, made paper, created a HUGE scrap book, helped organize the Contra Dances and a Fixing the Future Film […]

GALA's new Library!

G.A.L.A.’s Library is Now Open!

G.A.L.A.’s library is now open!! There are over 130 titles ready to be lent out to G.A.L.A. Members! Some titles include Good News For a Change by David Suzuki, EaArth by Bill McKibben, Stirring It Up: How to Make Money and Save the World  by Gary Hirshberg, The Whole Green Catalog edited by Michael Robbins, and even a guide to mountain […]

Wolfeboro-Area Earth Week Planning Begins. Volunteers Needed!

Last Thursday, several people got together at the Brewster Pickney Boathouse to participate in G.A.L.A.’s second “Wolfeboro-Area Earth Week Celebration” planning meeting. In recognition of this year’s 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, G.A.L.A. is working with community leaders to plan a week of educational and service activities during April 17th-24th. The goal of the event […]

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