Celebrate World Fair Trade Day! Sat. May 9th

World Fair Trade Day

This Saturday, May 9th, World Fair Trade Day will be celebrated in over eighty countries across the globe. This year’s theme for the US is “Everything is better when it’s fair.” Two Wolfeboro businesses, Made on Earth and Lydia’s Café, will be celebrating World Fair Trade Day for the third year in a row by . . .

offering all day discounts on fair trade certified items and a free cup of fair trade coffee between 2pm-3pm during the world’s largest fair trade coffee break. In addition, Made on Earth will be donating a portion of its sales to the local nonprofit Global Awareness Local Action’s (G.A.L.A.). G.A.L.A. will be allocating the money raised for its Economy & Business program designed to build a local economy that has a positive impact on people and the planet. Lydia’s Café will be raffling off five One-pound bags of Java Fair Trade coffee for the cause as well.

What is Fair Trade? According to the Fair Trade Resource Network (FTRN), the non-profit organization leading World Fair Trade Day, Fair Trade is “a people-powered solution to global economic injustice.” Essentially, Fair Trade is a way of doing business that builds equitable, long-term partnerships between consumers in North America and producers in developing regions. Fair trade means more, however, than just paying a fair wage. In addition, it is about partnerships based on reciprocal benefits and mutual respect; that prices paid to producers reflect the work they do; that workers have the right to organize; that national health, safety, and wage laws are enforced; and that products are environmentally sustainable and conserve natural resources. The FTRN website, http://www.fairtraderesource.org, explains the importance of supporting fair trade by stating, “When we support Fair Trade, we not only support the people who make the items we consume and enjoy, we also support the environment, women’s rights, children’s rights, cultural dignity and peace building.”

G.A.L.A. is excited to partner with Lydia’s Café and Made on Earth in celebrating this important holiday as it is one of the more tangible ways people can have a global impact through local action. Executive Director, Josh Arnold, also believes that the event supports G.A.L.A.’s first guiding principle to “Raise awareness about the global and generational impacts of our daily actions.” Arnold encourages people to take a moment our of their day to celebrate World Fair Trade Day by visiting these participating local shops on Saturday May 9th.

Contact Mary Beth Bryant at Made on Earth for more information.