February Volunteer of the Month: Ian Toal

451If you have driven by the G.A.L.A. office lately it was probably hard to miss the large, bright blue school bus parked outside. That’s Bettie the Bus.  Bettie is a vegetarian.  She, like the G.A.L.A. truck, runs on waste vegetable oil (WVO).  Bettie has been stopping by G.A.L.A. pretty regularly this past several months to re-fuel, but this time she stuck around a bit longer to help improve the fuel filtering system.  OK, maybe we’re giving Bettie too much credit because this month’s volunteer award actually goes to her trusty driver – Ian Toal!!

An engineer by trade, Ian spent a full two weeks this month  helping rebuild G.A.L.A.’s veggie oil filtering/pumping system.   With a new serious of ball valves, various brackets, brand new hose, and new 300 gallon tote, the system now functions much like your typical pump at a gas station.  In addition to greater convenience, improving the grease station was also an effort to make the space more accommodating for educational purposes so that in the event someone wants to come learn about using WVO, they may do so without risking a grease stain of their clean clothes!  It was a job well done and we are very grateful for the greater ease, cleanliness, and convenience of this new system – thank you Ian!

In addition to building the new grease system, Ian spent his down time to create blueprints for G.A.L.A.’s Sustain-A-Raiser program.

Bettie the Bus

Be sure to check out Bettie the Blue Bus Initiative on facebook to follow Ian and Lesley who travel the country educating communities about sustainable solutions while helping lend a hand to farmers, community organizers, conservation groups, and schools wherever they land.  And don’t forget their cat Kobra (pictured above!)

 From all of us here at G.A.L.A. –