Fender Blender has Downtown Debut during Moonlight Madness

They call it the “Fender Blender.” It looks like a bike; sounds like a blender; and most noteworthy, replaces electricity with “pedal-power.” Stonyfield Farms Inc. agreed to sponsor the purchase of the bike for G.A.L.A. last April to use as a fundraising and educational tool. The bike had its first downtown debut during last weekend’s Moonlight Madness festivities where G.A.L.A. “pedaled” fruit smoothies using Stay Tuned’s sidewalk space. Although this was the Fender Blender’s first appearance downtown, it will be featured weekly at the Wolfeboro Area Farmers’ Market every Thursday, 12:30-4:30.


“We have been working on having this bike for a long time now. A prototype was made in my basement almost two years ago, but it was a little too rusty for public performance, “recalls G.A.L.A.’s Executive Director Josh Arnold. “After finding the Fender Blender online from a company out of San Francisco called Rock The Bike, I knew that was the one we needed. StonyField appealed as a likely partner and within months agreed to sponsor the purchase of the bike.”


G.A.L.A. plans to use the Fender Blender as a gateway into sustainability education, particularly regarding local foods and renewable energy. They are currently organizing pick-your-own field trips with local camp and youth groups on the Wednesday prior to the farmers’ market. The freshly harvest fruit will be the feature ingredient in the smoothies on the following day at the market, effectively promoting the PYO farm and giving youth participants a chance, as Arnold says, “to taste the fruits of their labor.” Each trip is also designed to engage youth in a discussion about sustainable local food systems.


Many of you may have already seen the Fender Blender at the Earth Week Expo last April or Wolfeboro’s Bike & Walk Day last May. If you had not yet had a chance to experience this unique piece of technology, or taste a pedal-powered smoothie, there are still plenty of opportunities. G.A.L.A. is open to bringing the bike to other community events as well. In addition to the “greening” feature the bike provides, it also serves as a nice novelty attraction. Contact G.A.L.A. for further details about bringing the Fender Blender to for your business, nonprofit, or private event. Contact Josh Arnold for more details by emailing , or calling the G.A.L.A. office phone at 539.6460.