G.A.L.A. Community Makerspace Survey




All makerspaces look a little different depending on the local community needs and aspirations. G.A.L.A. volunteers and staff have visited eleven different makerspaces across the Northeast to gain an understanding of the different ways makerspaces operate and engage community. In general, makerspaces work like a gym, but instead of exercise equipment there are tools, and instead of trying to get fit, people are there to learn a new skill, develop or advance a creative hobby, fix or fabricate everyday household items, start or scale up a business idea, gain credentialing for employment mobility or career transition, collaborate with other “makers” across mediums or to simply, and profoundly, connect with community.

G.A.L.A. wants to create a space that can help the organization achieve everything it has been doing over the last ten years, only better.  We envision something more than a makerspace. It will incorporate a tool library, workshops and classes, co-working space, business incubator, workforce development, repair café, appropriate technology design challenges, private and independent work studios, apprentice and mentorship opportunities, and more. We envision a wood-shop, metal-shop, ceramic studio, fiber arts studio, computer lab, automotive bay, bicycle repair bench, laser cutter, and CNC routers and mills, among other tools and work spaces.

Our biggest priority right now is to have as many people as possible take a few minutes of of their day to complete this online survey.  And if you know of a community group that would be interested in G.A.L.A. giving a short presentation about this space please contact the offic at 603-569-1500 or email josh@galacommunity.org.

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