G.A.L.A.’s 5th Annual Farm to Table Feast – SOLD OUT



UPDATE: The 2013 Farm to Table Feast is SOLD OUT! To be put on the waiting list, call us at (603)539-6460, or email contact@galacommunity.org. Thank you to everyone who reserved their seat, and we’ll see you on the 17th!

Save the date for G.A.L.A.’s fifth annual Farm to Table Feast on September 17th.   The event will begin at 6pm at The Barn at Moody Mountain Farm off Pork Hill in Wolfeboro.   Global Awareness Local Action (G.A.L.A.) spends the better part of the year planning this seasonal cuisine, placing produce requests with farmers during seed-ordering season in February and March, and even beginning to cultivate living décor in the early spring, knowing it will be in full bloom for the event.


If you have already been to this event, you’ll know why tickets go like homemade (locally sourced!) hotcakes.   As usual, the fully catered, mouth-watering meal will be prepared using ingredients from local farmers, bakers, beekeepers, cheese makers, and mushroom growers, while highlighting the work of Lakes Region chefs and restaurants.  This highly anticipated annual event remains to be G.A.LA.’s single most successful fundraiser of the year helping to raise important funds for their ongoing sustainable community building efforts, while also deepening the connections between local food producers and consumers.

Farm to Table 2013, GALAAs writer and thinker Wendell Berry once noted, “eating is an agricultural act.” Though it can be difficult to imagine, brightly colored packages, frozen dinners, and slabs of cellophane-wrapped meat originate on real farms and feedlots. Food comes from farms, and therefore as eaters we are also active participants in agriculture. Every time we buy food, whether tomatoes from California or a head of lettuce from the farm stand down the road, we are taking part in an agricultural system.  G.A.L.A. envisions a stronger, more sustainable food system in which local farmers work with local businesses to sell their food and products to local residents. That way, people’s hard-earned money keeps cycling through our economy, and everyone can reap the benefits. At the fifth annual Farm to Table Feast, G.A.L.A. will bring together the people who grow, raise, prepare, and eat food, to celebrate fresh, seasonal harvest and to explore the ways we can build the stronger, more resilient food economy we envision.

Farm to Table_2013_onions

According to a publication by The New Hampshire Coalition for Sustaining Agriculture, Sustaining Agriculture in the Granite State: A Citizen’s Guide to Restoring Our Local Foods, Farms, and Independence, experts estimate that right now, only about 4% of New Hampshire’s food is locally sourced.  Everything else comes from faraway farms and packaging plants, and that means that by and large, our food system is out of our control. Droughts, oil embargoes, natural disasters, even truckers’ strikes—all of these could to jeopardize our ability to feed ourselves. But this is New Hampshire, the state of “Live Free or Die.” This region boasts centuries of self-reliance, and we can draw on that tradition to rebuild our local food system.

In many ways, we’re already doing just that.  New Hampshire has a higher percentage of farms that sell directly to consumers than any other state in the country. We’re choosing to grow our own food on our own land, and that’s a powerful investment in the sustainability and self-reliance of our communities. As a community, we depend on each other, and community resilience and power comes from strong relationships. This September, G.A.L.A. is inviting people to come together to strengthen existing relationships and build new ones. More than a hundred people– farmers, business owners, students, gardeners, volunteers, teachers, and other community members—will sit under barn rafters, listen to local music, and talk, all while enjoying five incredible courses of locally grown, lovingly prepared food.


The event will be a spectacular showcase of the season’s harvest.  Executive Chef, Perrin H Long, will create the entrée dish –

Wood Fire Roasted Wotton Farm Chicken

Ciabatta , Baba Ganoush, Miniature Peppers.

 Fingerling Potatoes, Pear Tomatoes and Husk Cherries

Tomatillo Basil Salsa

La Boca Bakery, Lydia’s Café, The Wolfe’s Tavern, Garwoods, Windy Fields Farm, Chef Sarah Hipple, Sunnyfield Bakery, Baker Beth Krainchich, and the Sandwich Creamery will create other dishes in the five-course meal. Food will be sourced from Pork Hill Farm, Carriage Hill Honey, Tuckaway Farm, Crooked Pine Farm, Hunter Farm, Earle Family Farm, The Old Ways at Mustard Seed Farm, Agape Homestead Farm, Wotton Family Farm, Sumner Brook Fish Farm, the NH Mushroom Company, Windy Fields Farm, the Community School Farm, the Farm at Frost Corner and many more local food producers!

There are many ways to engaged with this special community event including volunteering, sponsorship, donating to the raffle/silent auction, and of course, attending. On the day of the event, thirty volunteers are needed to help serve the meal and clean up, a commitment lasting from 3:45pm to 10:30pm. All volunteers will be provided dinner. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Carol Holyoake at carol_holyoake@yahoo.com or at 603-520-8060.

Farm2Table_2013_tentSponsorship is a great way to help support this event as well, and offers exceptional visibility for any business or individual that would like to demonstrate their support for local agriculture. There are several items to be sponsored including ingredients for a specific dish, a full course of the meal, tableware, or music. Sponsorship is greatly appreciated and helps G.A.L.A. meet fundraising goals. An example of sponsorship, Doran Independent Insurance will be sponsoring the evening’s bread (from local Sunny Field Brick Oven Bakery).

Additionally, G.A.L.A. is grateful for donations from local businesses to the raffle and silent auction at the Farm to Table Feast. Proceeds from this raffle and auction help support G.A.L.A. programming throughout the year.  If you or your business is interested in being a sponsor or donating an item or service to the silent auction, please call 603-539-6460 or email Emily at emily@galacommunity.org.  Sponsors and donors alike will be thanked publicly, and have their names or logos posted at the event as well as throughout the community.

Because they event has historically sold out so quickly, tickets go on sale on August 1st to G.A.L.A. members only, and then open to the public on August 14th if still available. Tickets are $60.00 for G.A.L.A. members and $75 for non-members and include entry to the event, access to the raffle and silent auction, and a five course locally sourced meal. A vegetarian entree will be available as well, please inform us when reserving tickets. This event is BYOB.  Contact Emily or Josh at G.A.L.A. with any questions about this event, G.A.L.A. membership, donations or sponsorship at 603-539-6460 or email contact@glacommunity.org.