G.A.L.A.’s Float Wins Second Place in 4th of July Parade!

"Holla if you G.A.L.A.".. "G.A.L.A.!"

As we marched, mowed, and rolled down the street, sweat dripping, passionately waving flags, proudly holding signs, and heroically spinning our legs to pedal more smoothies, we were all struck by not only how hot the summer heat could be, but more notably how mighty a team of people dedicated to a noble cause could feel- especially when cheered on by thousands of onlookers.

I wouldn’t go so far as to call us “Sustainability Gladiators”, but we certainly felt primed to publicly battle for some of our rights as earth citizens, such as clean water, wholesome and natural foods, a clean and renewable energy future, and a healthy, thriving community for people and species alike.

The front of the entourage

The entire day would not be possible without the immense generosity of some key people, such as: Willie Swaffield, who lent his stately trailer; VBS of the Congregational Church, who provided excellent decorations; Murdawg Custom, who expertly renovated our truck to run off waste vegetable oil; Hill Top Signs for your fantastic magnets, and most importantly all the wondrous volunteers who dedicated their time and people power to this event.
Thank You, Thank You!!!

And for all those efforts, we were handed a trophy of honor: Second Best in the Organization/Club Division. Here it is in all its shiny splendor:

A Glorious Victory

Also, thank you Heidi Harris, Chris SanAntonio, BG Hodges, Roger Murray, and Maryann Gavin for the pictures!


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