G.A.L.A.’s Library is Now Open!

G.A.L.A.’s library is now open!! There are over 130 titles ready to be lent out to G.A.L.A. Members! Some titles include Good News For a Change by David Suzuki, EaArth by Bill McKibben, Stirring It Up: How to Make Money and Save the World  by Gary Hirshberg, The Whole Green Catalog edited by Michael Robbins, and even a guide to mountain biking in New Hampshire! Come check out the listings! Thank you very much to G.A.L.A.’s School to Work volunteer, Becky, for all of your help making this library become a reality!

GALA’s new library!

Please check out books by leaving your name, phone number, title and author of the book, and the date of check out on the provided clipboard. Please return books within a month.

To become a GALA member CLICK HERE or call 603-539-6460!

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