G.A.L.A. Welcomes 2 New Board Members!

    Paul Amadio has been a part of the G.A.L.A. family for some time now, volunteering his time and expertise on the recently created Development Team.  It is with great enthusiasm that Paul is officially welcomed “on board” as a guide and mentor for G.A.L.A.’s exciting future.

Paul is the Director of Business Development and Technology Solutions Group at the Amcomm Company where he heads up the company’s strategic plan, business operations, recruitment marketing and technology division for 140 employees in 30 stores in New England.

President of Cardenio Consulting, Paul works with non-profit and businesses across the country offering counsel in strategic planning, coaching, organizational team-building, philanthropy, marketing and social media. He has also presented nationally and internationally on marketing, philanthropy and sustainability.

He has spent more than twenty-five years in education as teacher, Head of School, Director of Institutional Advancement and External Affairs and Chair of the performing arts in independent and public education. Paul was a founding partner of the consulting firm Independent Thinking.

In addition, Paul has extensive experience as a professional stage actor and director, and was a founding member of the band, The Dharma Bums – we can’t wait to see a manifestation of this particular skill set!!  He has served on many non-profit boards, most recently the Ojai Playwrights Festival.

His most recent endeavor is I-Ride Transport, partnering with Tom Bryant, to bring a socially conscious transportation service to the NH Lakes Region, headquartered in Wolfeboro.

Paul, his wife Donita and family are committed to creating a sustainable planet and are honored to be part of the G.A.L.A. mission.

    G.A.L.A is also celebrating the arrival of Scott Travis and his plethora of diverse skills, and huge sense of humor to the Board!  Scott is a physical therapist working at Speare Memorial Hospital in Plymouth. Taking the usual career path to physical therapy, Scott spent 4+ years in the Air Force learning avionics.  He was stationed in California (Travis Air Force Base…of course!) and England. After completing his tour with the Air Force, Scott worked as an electronics technician for a multi-national company and spent the next few years traveling around the world.  Discovering that he enjoyed working on complex systems he decided it was time to work on complex systems that can talk back and so, went to college in Nashville, TN for his physical therapy degree. Scott spent 10 years at Huggins Hospital working both outpatient at Back Bay Rehab and inpatient at the hospital. In the Spring of 2011, he accepted the position at Speare Memorial where he also works both inpatient and outpatient and it gave him a beautiful ride in the country twice a day on his motorcycle – as long as there’s no ice on the roads. When he’s not working as a physical therapist, Scott is a rider coach with Harley-Davidson teaching people how to ride a motorcycle. And yes, he even has his wife riding her own motorcycle! Scott is also a home brewer of beer and an overall tasty beer enthusiast! Scott enjoys cooking and enjoys using organic ingredients, local produce and meat, and herbs from his kitchen garden. When he’s not working, riding, brewing or cooking, he is usually building, refinishing, or designing something. Scott is pleased to be able to share his skills with GALA and believes in the mission of expanding sustainability and making it accessible to everyone and having fun doing it! Scott lives in Wolfeboro with his wife, Mariann. Their boys Ben and Dylan are in their early 20’s and off exploring life.

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