Barbara with Chuck and Diane at First Night Fundraiser

Barbara with Chuck and Diane at First Night Fundraiser

Like many nonprofits, G.A.L.A. depends largely on volunteer support from people like you. We are committed to making your volunteer experience fun, meaningful, and productive.

You don’t have to be any sort of sustainability expert to lend a hand.  Take a peek below at a few options of different way you can contribute to helping building a thriving, sustainable community!


G.A.L.A. Outreach Booth at the Wolfeboro Area Farmers’ Market

wafm volunteer
Bike blenders, organic blueberries, and community outreach – this is what the G.A.L.A. Smoothie Booth is all about!

We need two volunteers to be at the booth at Clark Park every Thursday from Noon – 5:00pm beginning June 20th.  If you are interested and able to be at the booth for either a full or half shift, please consider signing up today!

Volunteers will sell smoothies using the “Fender Blender”, converse with the public about G.A.L.A.’s upcoming  events, and help setup and take down the booth.  All materials, ingredients, and G.A.L.A. talking points will be provided, and a short training will take place for new volunteers.

Signing up for this volunteer opportunity is super easy! Just click on this LINK to go to the spreadsheet and fill in your information about when you available. Feel free to call Josh or Emily at 603-539-6460 with any questions or help with the volunteer signup process.

The Ossipee Common Garden 

G.A.L.A. is part of a collaborative community project with six local organizations to create a food pantry garden in Ossipee. Many volunteers helped build the garden last month on a vacant lot in Center Ossipee on Rt. 16B, where a devastating fire destroyed the Straughan family homestead a couple of years ago. The garden will provide fresh produce to the Agape Ministries Food Pantry.

More volunteers are needed to help sustain, maintain, and harvest the garden over the summer.  Volunteer shifts will take place Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30-5:30.

Please call the Garden Managers Kim at 539-2770 or Nadia at 978-325-1437 for more information about volunteering at the garden this summer. Check out more photos from the project HERE.


Program & Volunteer Committee: Description coming soon

Fundraising & Development Committee: Description coming soon

Farm to Table Feast Committee: Download description HERE.

Finance Committee: Description coming soon

Governance Committee: Description coming soon


Joining the G.A.L.A. Board of Directors is a very meaningful, rewarding, and fun way to be a part of the G.A.L.A. Community.  It is also a substantial commitment, but if you speak with our existing board members they will tell you it is time well spent!  Board members are the behind-the-scene creative force that keeps our mission alive through strategic planning, membership development, fundraising, event planning, volunteer coordination, and programming.   They are a hands-on, dynamic team that serve as ambassadors, advisors, and stewards of our organization’s mission “to provide education and opportunity that helps people thrive in the face of economic, environmental, and social challenges.”

If you know of anyone that might be a good candidate for this role (including yourself!) please consider downloading our “New G.A.L.A. Board Member Referral Form“.  This form will help you match, to the best of your ability, the various skill sets and interests of the respective candidate with G.A.L.A.’s current organizational needs.

Download the form with the link above or contact Board President, Jessamy Wood, with your referrals by calling 603-498-4862 or email jessamy@galacommunity.org. Thank you!  Get to know our current Board by here: Meet the Board. 

To get involved as a volunteer, either on an occasional or ongoing basis, just send us an email and let us know your interests! Email contact@galacommunity.org or call us at 603-539-6460.


Meet some of the rockin’ G.A.L.A. volunteers who received Volunteer of the Month recognition:


  • February 2010                   Pat Jones 
  • March 2010                       Susan Fuller
  • April 2010                         Jackie Witham 
  • May 2010                          Willie Swaffield, Volunteer of the Year!
  • June 2010                         Mary Beth Bryant 
  • July 2010                          
  • Aug/Sep 2010                  Stuart Feldman 
  • October 2010                   Elizabeth Rice 
  • November 2010               Michael Haegar 
  • December 2010               Katy Paternel 


  • January 2011                    Becky Swaffield 
  • February 2011                  Vanessa Gikas 
  • March 2011                       Nadine San Antonio 
  • April 2011                         National Volunteer Week
  • May 2011                          Chelsie DeWitt
  • June 2011                         Ben Cashman, Volunteer of the Year with Janis & George
  • July 2011                          Valerie Christle
  • August 2011                     Brittany Boles
  • September 2011              Perrin H. Long
  • October 2011                   Beth Krainchich
  • November 2011               Ryan Jones and Rick Burns
  • December 2011


  • January 2012                    Diane Johnson
  • February 2012                  Justin Philip Pare     
  • March 2012                       Kelsey Hammond
  • April 2012
  • May 2012                          BG Hodges
  • June 2012                         Jessamy Wood
  • July 2012                           Blueberry Brigade
  • August 2012                      Ryan Allmendinger
  • September 2012               Carol Holyoake, Pitch Fork Award
  • October 2012                     John Murray
  • November 2012                Dustin Eaton
  • December 2012                 Becky Thompson



  • January 2013                      Angie De Leon    
  • February 2013                    Ian Toal  
  • March 2013                         Tim Morrison   
  • April 2013                           Karen Haeger
  • May 2013                            Kim McArdle
  • June 2013                           Jessica Cole, Pitch Fork Award!
  • July 2013                            Samantha Wood
  • August 2013                       Dylan Allwine
  • September 2013                Sharon O’ Donnell
  • October 2013                     Beverly Woods, Volunteer of the Year!
  • November 2013                 Keith Garrett
  • December 2013                  Tim Smith