Join the Sustain-A-Raisers Team!

Want to do your part to make this community more sustainable? How about spending a day outside, working with a team of awesome volunteers and G.A.L.A. staff to build and install raised garden beds, compost piles, clotheslines, rainwater harvesting barrels, and more? 


SAR group

Join our Sustain-A-Raiser team! In peak seasons, G.A.L.A. conducts a Sustain-A-Raiser nearly every week, so there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer. Our staff can train you in the skills you need, from hammering nails to using a power drill, so no experience is necessary (although it always helps).


Every Sustain-A-Raiser is different, but here’s a sample volunteer schedule:

9:00 AM: Arrive at host site. Volunteers sign in and make sure their paperwork is all set. Meet hosts, then staff and volunteers huddle up for a brief orientation and safety training

SAR shoveling

9:30 AM: Get started! Depending on the hosts’ needs, volunteers may be doing anything from  putting together a cold-frame, to stringing up a clothesline, to shoveling compost, to stomping down straw in a garden bed. We work as a team, so it’s a lot of fun, and we always have music playing!

11:30 AM: Lunch break! Lunch is provided for volunteers, whether it’s make-your-own sandwiches or a delicious home-cooked meal made by the hosts.

12:00 PM: Back to work. Typically, a full Sustain-A-Raiser takes 6 or 7 hours, but that can vary depending on what we’re installing and the number of volunteers. When we’re done, after high-fives all around, we get to show off our work to the hosts! Everyone leaves dirty, sweaty, and smiling.


What to bring:

  • Long pants, if possible
  • Close-toed shoes (essential!)
  • Sunscreen, if it’s a sunny day
  • Water bottle


Any questions? Want to get involved? Contact G.A.L.A. at (603) 539 – 6460, or by email at

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