Check out our Wish List

Like many nonprofits, GALA depends on the in-kind contributions from folks like you.  We have predictable needs like office supplies, stamps, gas cards, etc. and then some seemingly random needs like waste vegetable oil, pallets, 2x4s, storm windows, glass doors, landscape fabric, gutters, hardware cloth and the like.

Below is our ever-changing Wish List.  Thanks you for taking a look.  Please give us a call – 603-569-1500 if you are able to provide any of these items and we will arrange for a pickup or provide directions to our office for drop off.  THANK YOU!



  • Large projector screen
  • Recycled paper
  • 2 x 4’s – (no nails or cracks please)
  • A large trailer for our truck
  • Aged manure
  • Wooden pallets (in good shape only)
  • Storm windows or glass doors
  • Wood for burning in our outdoor boiler – (soft or hard)
  • A diesel wood splitter


  • A part time bookkeeper familiar proficient with Quickbooks and familiar with nonprofit operations.
  • Plumbers & Electricians willing to serve on the “Solar Raiser” Sub-Committee
  • A general carpenter willing to serve on the Sustain-A-Raiser sub-committee who is also comfortable working with volunteers of all ages.
  • Board members – download G.A.L.A. Board Member Referral Form
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