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Like many nonprofits, GALA depends on the in-kind contributions from folks like you.  We have predictable needs like office supplies, stamps, gas cards, etc. and now with the exciting GALA Makerspace project underway, we have some very specialized needs for tools and equipment with which to outfit the various workshop and get programs rolling!

Below is our ever-changing Wish List.  Thanks you for taking a look.  Please give us a call – 603-569-1500 if you are able to provide any of these items and we will arrange for a pickup or provide directions to our office for drop off.  Please also review our In-Kind Donation Acceptance Policy which can be downloaded by clicking here.  THANK YOU!



We call work teams “circles”.  They are the heart of every organization. A circle is a group of people who work together and decide together how the work is being done.
Circles you can participate in include those for planning and actioning:

Programs & Tools:  Help build a list of future classes, instructors, and needed tools and equipment so that the makerspace can hit the ground running on opening day.

Building & Property:  Help ensure that the building and property remain “tour ready”, meaning safe, tidy, and inspiring.

Advancement & Development:  Help organize events and campaigns to meet fundraising benchmarks and goals. Grow mailing list and increase community visibility.

Mission Circle (Board of Directors): Uphold the fiduciary and legal  obligations of GALA, while ensuring all operations support the stated mission and vision.  Download Board Member Referral Form HERE


Table saw and saw stopMilling machines
Belt sander Metal lathes
Chop saw Horizontal cut off saw
Random orbital sanderVertical band saw (metal)
Band saw Oxy-acetylene torch
MortiserLincoln stick welder
Planer Abrasive sander
Mid size wood latheTool grinder
JointerSurface grinder
Drill PressDrill presses
Router table5 jewelry starter kits
Grinder/Sharpenerstools and workbenches
Industrial sewing machinesFolding tables
Iron/SteamerFolding chairs
Industrial sergerFolding easels
Knitting machine w ArduinoHigh stools
3 sewing machinesWhiteboard
Cutting table 8x5x3
Work tables and chairs
Ear Protection (non disposable)
Eye Protection
Construction Respirators (N95)
Work gloves – Cut Resistant
Neoprene Protector

Measuring Tools:
combination square(s
carpenter squares 12 inch
drywall t-square
levels (short and long)
tape measures 16 ft
chalk lines
Pneumatic Tools:
nail gun
power hammer
cut off wheel, model # 19953
die grinder, model # 19951
attachments for inflating tires, model #16388
Air Chisel Hammer
Roller stands
Drill bits
Driver bits

Hand Tools:
hammers (claw and ball peen), 5p Ballpeen model # 38528
rubber mallet, 3pc set model #38358
wood mallet, 3pc set 18744
prybar, 3pc mod# 43278
allen wrench set, 26 pc, Hex key mod#46274
screwdrivers (multiple sizes and lengths, flat and phillips), 17 pc set, model #31794
pliers, 8 pc set mod# 45399
wire cutters, 3pc set mod#10240003
vise grips
bench vise, 6 inch mod #51856
portable vise
miter box
handsaws: miter, hack, coping, pull, Japanese
ratchet set, 176 pc Socket Set mod#34032
center punch, 16 pc punch set, mod#43113
finish nail punches
utility knives
hand plane
Wood Chisel 5 pc set mod# 36859

36 in. locking bar clamp 6, 12, 18, 24 inch (also available)
Quick grip pipe clamp
C-clamp, 8 inches
Spring Clamp
1 handed bar clamp, 50in

Drill bits
Nails, screws etc

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