“Hang Out” with G.A.L.A.

hanging out

Over the last few weeks, G.A.L.A. volunteers have teamed with members of the Kingswood Youth Center to install free solar clothes dryers (a.k.a. clotheslines) for interested area-residents. More clotheslines are still available, but they are going fast!

This free clothesline-installation service is the second part of G.A.L.A.’s Raise a Rope for Climate Hope campaign. The first part of the campaign took place last month on Global Youth Service Day, April 25th with a presentation at the Brewster Pickney Boathouse by Alex Lee, Founding Director of Project Laundry List. To an audience of about twenty, Lee gave an animated presentation about the “Right to Dry” bill (S.41) and how simple lifestyle modifications, including air-drying one’s clothes, reduce our dependence on environmentally and culturally costly energy sources. According to Project Laundry List, conventional clothes dryers account for an average of 5-10% of all residential energy use.

In Lee’s power-point presentation titled, Laundry: An Inconvenient Chore? he discussed why many people in the United States are not allowed to hang-dry their clothes because of restrictive community covenants, landlord prohibitions, and zoning laws. Lee shared how in response to these hang-drying restrictions, Project Laundry List Board Member and former Vermont State Senator, Dick McCormack, introduced the “Right to Dry” bill S.41. Wolfeboro State Representative, David Knox, attended Lee’s presentation and commented, “it’s obvious that we should all limit, or even stop, using our conventional clothes dryers and head for the clothesline, especially in these nice warm weather months.”

As a follow-up to Lee’s presentation and the second part of the Raise a Rope for Climate Hope campaign, G.A.L.A. invites area-residents to register today for a free solar clothes dryer. G.A.L.A. is able to customize the clotheslines to meet your needs – standard pulley, umbrella style, or free standing. While this is a free service, any donations will help G.A.L.A. stretch their funds and further support the organization. Call today and give your conventional dryer a summer vacation, or better yet, retire it altogether!

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