Hurrah for a Glorious Town-Wide Cleanup & Fabulous No Impact Week!!

The Tibbetts proudly display their clean-up efforts - Nice work!

Way to go G.A.L.A. Green-ers!! Over 50 of you marched the streets this past weekend to blast away trash and glam up Wolfeboro while over 80 of you took park in NH No Impact Week to boot out energy-draining habits and incorporate more of what you really want in your day to day lives.  Congrats on these awesome environmental accomplishments!! WOO HOO!

We are immensely grateful to the Wolfeboro Town Garage for swooping up all the blue bags of refuse and sorting out all the recyclable bits. Their FREE TV & Monitor drop-off program was also a big hoot so congrats to all of you who responsibly discarded these items!

We are also grateful to our the rest of our friends and sponsors. Delicious ice cream was spooned out from Bailey’s Bubble (they sent over the moosetracks flavor.. mmmmm) and yum-tastic pizza provided by oh-so-wonderful Anthony’s Old Style Pizzeria.  Cleaner-uppers dined on these delights while enjoying the bluesy sounds from members of the Folk Cellar.  Thank you all for making this a fantastic celebration to honor an important annual event!

For you No Impact Week-ers, you decreased consumption, reduced your creation of trash, traveled lighter, ate more sustainably, mitigated your energy usage, and were more mindful of water conservation. WOW!! Three cheers for you for these extraordinary actions!!

There’s perhaps nothing more satisfying than heaving a huge blob of garbage out of a ditch or brushing off your shoulders after a week of making your own life more eco-satisfying. Thank you again green-ers for your noble acts of do-gooding and we hope you all join us again next year!!

Keep rockin’!

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