Let’s get this Solar ball rolling . . . Solarize G.A.L.A.!

Solarize GALA

Interested in solar energy? We invite you to join a committee that would explore the feasibility of G.A.L.A. taking on a major solar initiative, known as “Solarize”. The purpose of this initiative is to substantially increase the amount of rooftop solar voltaic capabilities within our surrounding communities. This exploratory committee will help develop a program framework and secure a funding base. If you are interested in participating, please contact Doug Smithwood at 569-6419 or email at Doug_Smithwood@fws.gov or Susan Fuller at 515-1223 or sfuller5277@yahoo.com.

The “solarize” program has been met with great success in neighboring regions.  Essentially, the program is designed to leverage bulk-buying power to bring down the cost of solar for a X number of households during a pre-determined timeframe.  In most cases, this consumer group puts out a bid to hire one solar installer to complete all of their solar projects.   Check out some successful case studies here:

Solarize Kearsarge:Andover, New London, Wilmot

Solarize Freeport

Solarize Upper Valley