Line Dry on “National Hanging Out Day”

Global Awareness Local Action (G.A.L.A.) has partnered with Project Laundry List to spread the word about the benefits of line-drying as part of National Hanging out Day, a national event which falls on the first Monday of G.A.L.A.’s Wolfeboro Area Earth Day 40th Anniversary Celebration. Participants in the day’s events will hang their clothes on a rack or line in a visible, but inoffensive manner so as to promote wider acceptance of this activity. Some will hang banners and T-shirts with colorful messages drawing a link between energy usage and the way we wash, dry, and care for our clothes.


“The clothesline is a pennant of the eco-chic, not a flag of poverty,” said Alexander Lee, founder and executive director of Project Laundry List. “Americans are hungry for a return to common sense, healthy physical work, and conservation. The clothesline is a symbol of our movement.” Project Laundry List also distributes miniature clothespins to be worn on the collar as a ribbon of the “right to dry” movement.


Project Laundry List estimates that most families using an electric dryer can save more than 20% on their electric bill each month. Gas dryers cost about half as much to run and about 22% of American households with a dryer use natural gas.


A clothesline was set up by Abigail Adams at The White House when the Adams first occupied the presidential mansion in 1800. Many National Hanging Out Day efforts this year will be focused on getting The First Family to disclose the location of their clothesline.


Over 60 million Americans live in more than 300,000 community associations. Most of these places have rules that restrict or ban clotheslines.


Last year, G.A.L.A. partnered with the Kingswood Youth Center to install what they called “free solar clothes dryers.” Together, youth center participants and G.A.L.A. volunteers installed over 25 clotheslines of all different shapes and sizes in the Wolfeboro-area. This collaborative and creative service project will continue this Monday when the group installs yet another clothes line as part of the Hanging Out Day Festivities.


This year, however, a film crew shooting the documentary, “Drying for Freedom”, will capture G.A.L.A.’s solar clothes dryer installation. A sneak preview of this documentary will be on Tuesday, April 20th, 7PM at Anderson Hall as the opening act of the Earth Week activity titled, “Know Your Community, Know Your Niche.” The documentary trailer will be followed by a presentation from Alex Lee about Project Laundry List where people will learn clothes line facts such the fact that the rotary clothesline was invented in Sutton, NH in 1854. Other area organizations including the Food Pantry Garden, Conservation Commission, Energy Committee, G.A.L.A., and the Lakes Region Conservation Trust will also be presenting short updates and profiles of their respective initiatives and sharing how people can become involved.


Project Laundry List, founded in 1995, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to make air-drying and cold-water washing laundry acceptable and desirable as simple and effective ways to save energy.


Also visit for a complete updated list of Wolfeboro Area Earth Week Activities.

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