Sustainable Living Resources

Trying to live a little greener? Here are some links to resources that you may find useful. None of them are affiliated with G.A.L.A., but they offer valuable tips and tricks that can help you live more sustainably.

If you’re interested in installing any of the items below, head over to our Sustain-A-Raisers page to learn how G.A.L.A. can help you out!


COMPOST Shovel-in-Compost

Compost Care and Maintenance, from Mother Nature Network

A quick guide to the care and maintenance of compost bins, plus a run-down of cold vs. hot composting.

Composting 101, from the gardening experts at

A more detailed guide to composting, from the information about the internal temperature you should aim for to a list of the pros and cons of different bins.

Guide to Composting, from

Another quick intro to composting. Includes a section on troubleshooting for your compost.



Cold Frame Gardening Success, from Mother Earth News

A detailed guide to extending your growing season by setting up and managing a cold frame garden. Includes information about cold frame designs, selecting crops, crop rotation, and irrigation methods.

4 Ways to Use a Cold Frame, from Fine Gardening Magazine

We like to use cold frames to extend our growing season, but there’s a lot more you can do with them! Here are some other options.



Rain Barrel Fact Sheet: Care and Maintenance, from the City of Clive, IA

Information about the benefits of rainwater harvesting, care and maintenance of rain barrels, restrictions on their use, and a formula to calculate how much rainwater you should expect to collect.

Rain Barrel Care and Maintenancefrom

A quick list of tips for buying, installing, and maintaining your rain barrel.



Tips for Line Drying Your Clothesfrom TLC

Six handy tricks to make line drying your clothes even more quick & easy.

Tips for Hanging Laundry on a Clotheslinefrom Yahoo

A more detailed set of tips and tricks for line drying.



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