May 11 Bike & Walk to Work/School Day!

Tomorrow is the day to celebrate the annual  Bike & Walk to Work/School Day in Wolfeboro!  So pump up your bike tires, lace up your walking shoes and join your fellow “townies” in getting some fresh Spring air and reducing pollution! Avoiding those clunky cars for your commute to work or school is a great way to get some exercise, reduce traffic, save money on gas and wear and tear on your car, and enjoy the scenery. It also presents a nice change to say hello to neighbors and fellow zero-carbon commuters.

As a token of appreciation for participants, the Wolfeboro Department of Parks & Recreation, Pathways Committee, and G.A.L.A.  have setup refreshment stations along Main St at Cate Park and in front of Huggins Hospital where you can  stop in for a cup of coffee, juice, fruit and donuts.  And, don’t forget to ride G.A.L.A.’s bike blender: you may not go far on it, but you will end up with a delicious Stonyfield Yogurt smoothie!

For more information on how to participate call the Department of Parks and Recreation on 569-5639 or visit the web page at