Meet Aislinn! G.A.L.A.’s new PlusTime NH AmeriCorps*VISTA member.

G.A.L.A. has recently expanded its program staff to include PlusTime NH AmeriCorps*VISTA member Aislinn Johnson, who will be working full-time with G.A.L.A. to help strengthen the organization’s leadership and volunteer capacity.


Aislinn will serve with G.A.L.A. for a full year to focus on improving existing programs, including study circles, sustainability workshops, and eco-service projects such as installing compost bins, clotheslines, and rain-barrels. She will also help develop an exciting new School-to-Work program at Kingswood Regional High School that uses sustainability curriculum to inspire activities at home that help save money and conserve resources.


Aislinn will also assist G.A.L.A. Executive Director, Josh Arnold, with general daily tasks and event planning. Current projects include the upcoming October 3rd Farm to Table Feast – a catered local-foods dinner at Moody Mountain Farm Barn to celebrate and support local agriculture. Aislinn is also busy helping G.A.L.A. with a new TV program called “Starting At Home”, due to begin next month on the Wolfeboro Community Access Channel. The program is designed to promote different activities that can help home owners save money and conserve resources. Aislinn’s year of service is just beginning and already proving to be a great benefit to G.A.L.A. and to the community as a whole.


Aislinn, a Wakefield, NH native, was selected to be the PlusTime NH AmeriCorps*VISTA member for G.A.L.A. because of her commitment to sustainability education and her past experiences working in a nonprofit setting. Having launched her own alternative fuels awareness initiative in 2005 with her vegetable oil fueled van, termed the “Canola Strolla,” Aislinn has had first-hand experience inspiring others to become involved in a positive, sustainable future.


When asked about her term of service, Aislinn said, “I am so excited to get involved with G.A.L.A. on a much deeper level. I look forward to connecting with community members, strengthening the program’s outreach, and becoming an integral part of such a fun, positive, and important organization”.
The funding for an AmeriCorps*VISTA member was provided by an anonymous private foundation and PlusTime NH.


PlusTime NH is a statewide non-profit organization working with a vision of a day when all youth have opportunities for successful growth and become active citizens engaged in their communities. The mission of PlusTime is to partner with communities to create and support a variety of environments for positive youth development activities throughout the day and year.


PlusTime NH receives their funding through AmeriCorps VISTA, the national service program designed specifically to fight poverty. Founded as Volunteers in Service to America in 1965 and incorporated into the AmeriCorps network of programs in 1993, VISTA has been on the front lines in the fight against poverty in America for more than 40 years.


VISTA members commit to serve full-time for a year at a nonprofit organization or local government agency, working to fight illiteracy, improve health services, create businesses, strengthen community groups, and much more.


So, don’t be surprised the next time you call G.A.L.A. and hear a new voice on the other end of the line. Be sure to congratulate Aislinn on her acceptance into the position, and better yet, feel free to swing by the office at #3 Pork Hill Road, Ossipee, NH to welcome her in person. For more information visit the website or call the office at 603.539.6460.