Mike Haeger

Michael is one of those model G.A.L.A.  members who really “walks the talk.”  More importantly, Mike is not afraid to share his first hand knowledge about sustainable living.  Mike has hosted workshops on worm-composting (pictured above) at Earth Week last April and the Wolfeboro Area Farmers’ Market this past September.  More recently this Fall, Mike hosted a workshop on “Cider Pressing” using his very own heirloom press.  Making cider is a seasonal tradition for the Haeger family and G.A.L.A. is very grateful for their willingness to invite the broader community to participate.  If you missed these workshops you can catch a sneak peek on G.A.L.A.’s YouTube channel here.

But that is just the beginning!  Mike also began playing an important administrative role with G.A.L.A. when he joined the Board of Directors earlier this year.  In addition to  participating in monthly Board meetings, Mike regularly checks-in at the G.A.L.A. office to brainstorm ideas, lend a hand with daily tasks, or simply let Josh and Aislinn know they are doing a great job!

And finally, Mike is an exceptional carpenter with an eye for detail and thrift.  He has left his mark at the G.A.L.A. HQ in Water Village, Ossipee helping with the Pork Hill Farm farm-stand, replacing barn roofs, clapboarding the farmhouse, and completing other sundry projects at the Grange.   When Mike doesn’t have a hammer in his hand he probably has a fiddle (and sometimes both as he builds these intricate musical instruments as well!).

If you see Mike around, be sure to congratulate him on being November’s Volunteer of the Month and thank him for his generous and diverse commitment to G.A.L.A.  Thanks Mike!

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