Nadine San Antonio receives Volunteer of the Month!

February’s Volunteer of the Month award goes to the super exceptional, hard working, incredibly essential Nadine San Antonio.

Nadine has been heroically volunteering with G.A.L.A. for 3 years now, both directly and indirectly through her support of the Ossipee Mountain Grange Hall, home of the G.A.L.A. office, as well as her integral role in various G.A.L.A. activities including the First Night Fundraiser and Contra Dance Series.

Last December, Nadine lent her culinary expertise in our First Night Chili and Chowda’ Fundraiser.  As a professional chef and caterer out west, you can imagine the chili Nadine created was absolutely delicious.  The time she took preparing and helping to serve it was exceptionally valuable to the G.A.L.A. Community.  Mmmmm . . . . I can taste it now!

Nadine also volunteers on the Contra Dance Committee, helping to organize the dances, find sponsors, set up and clean up, and spread the word.  Here Nadine’s love of music and community really shines.  Nadine also frequently lends her musical talents in jam sessions and singing groups at the Ossipee Mountain Grange Hall.

The Ossipee Mountain Grange Hall is not owned by G.A.L.A., but it is G.A.L.A.’s home and a frequent venue for G.A.L.A.-related activities.  Nadine has been working hard this winter helping to make the Grange a permanent community space.  She is heavily involved in planning sessions and drafted an intensive application for the Grange to be on the NH Register of Historic Places.  Her hard-work and energy has done much to carry the torch of continuing the Grange’s iconic tradition of being a special place for community gatherings.

Thank you Nadine, for your involvement with G.A.L.A., for the work you do building stronger communities, and for the great energy you bring to everything you do!

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