Planting Day at the Food Pantry Garden

Look at those weeds!

Last Tuesday G.A.L.A. director Josh Arnold and volunteer Michael Gronski decided to spend some time helping the Wolfeboro Food Pantry Garden prep for their third season.  Over the last couple of years the Food Pantry Garden has grown hundreds upon hundreds  of pounds of fresh produce for the LIFE Ministries Food Pantry participants, thanks to the help of MANY volunteers along the way.

Josh and Mike spent their time weeding and mulching between each raised – a tough job on one of the hottest days thus far, but well worth it!

Today, there were 11 Food Pantry Garden and G.A.L.A. volunteers on hand for the grand planting!  Cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, bush beans, poll beans, squash, and many other crop varieties that were selected by those who will soon be consuming them!   Today’s helpers shape not only the garden, but the culture of a community who cares.

Weed free! It's planting time!

Nice work everyone! A job well done!

Looking proud after a great accomplishment!

The Food Pantry Garden loves volunteers, so if you’d like to contribute to this great cause, contact Susan: or Rhonda:

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