Pork Hill Farm: Friends & Neighbors

Pork Hill Farm
As many people know, G.A.L.A. is fortunate to have neighbors that share a passion for sustainability and strong local food systems. Because of the close proximity and collaboration between G.A.L.A. and our friends at Pork Hill Farm, it is easy for folks to get confused as to who is operating what. So we thought it would be helpful to clarify.

Pork Hill Farm began in 2009 when Katie Doyle Smith and Paul Swegel began leasing an acre of land behind the Ossipee Mt. Grange Hall located at the intersection of Pork Hill Road and Water Village Road (Route 171). G.A.L.A. was very involved that first season with marketing and outreach, as well as building a farmstand for the Pork Hill Farm’s Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) pickup. Both parties were very grateful for all the volunteers who helped make that first season possible.

Pork Hill Farm beeToday, G.A.L.A. is a proud neighbor to what has become a vibrant and bountiful agricultural operation. Katie and Paul have transformed a former meadow into a rich, lush, diverse organic vegetable garden. It makes a remarkably inspirational view from our office window, and we highly recommend you schedule a farm tour with Katie and Paul to see this accomplishment for yourself!

Meanwhile, Pork Hill Farm has been expanding to include 7 acres along Pork Hill Road. Their physical address is now 45 Pork Hill Road. In addition to more space, Katie and Paul have also enjoyed more help this year employing two apprentices – Dan and Ian. Together, this green thumb team as been able to expand the farm’s services beyond the CSA to include special and wholesale orders for pickup or delivery for weddings, restaurants, grocers, caterers and special events. For more information check out their website at http://porkhillfarm.com/.