Raise a Rope for Climate Hope!


G .A.L.A. invites all community members to participate in the upcoming “Raise a Rope for Climate Hope” project scheduled to take place on Global Youth Service Day, April 25-27, 2008. During this weekend, youth and adult volunteers will install “solar clothes dryers,” a.k.a. clotheslines, at up to 50 area resident homes. This project is part of G.A.L.A.’s Sustainability in Action program and is designed to help area-residents reduce their “carbon-footprint” by utilizing solar to dry their clothes rather energy-intensive drying machines. Funding for this project has been made possible by two $500 grants from Youth Service America – the Red, White, & Green Grant and the Disney Minigrant. Community members that are interested in volunteering or having a clotheslines installed at their home should contact G.A.L.A. by Monday, March 31st by calling 603-569-4760.