Reconnect with the Earth at a G.A.L.A. Study Circle

Reconnecting with Earth


G.A.L.A. is hosting a Study Circle in Wolfeboro NH. Study circles are small groups of people who read short, thought-provoking essays and engage in a prompted discussion designed to facilitate learning, self-awareness, and sense of community.


The next one, called Reconnecting with Earth, will help participants clarify values through discussions about our relationship to the Earth, discover how personal beliefs and values affect the way we view and treat the Earth, and explore what it means to take personal responsibility for the Earth.


Topics covered include “Wild Nature”, “Shifting Paradigms”, “Ecopsychology” and more. Participants will explore such questions as, “Should sustainability replace economic growth as our long-term goal?” and “How can we as individuals live a more Earth-centered lifestyle?”


Reconnecting with Earth will take place for 6 consecutive Tuesdays, beginning February 22nd at 7pm in the meeting center of the Wolfeboro First Congregational Church (115 South Main St) map.


The cost to participate is $15, but if cost is an issue we have sliding
scale options available.


  • For more info on the course click here or visit
  • To RSVP email Aislinn at
  • To host a local study circle for your own community group (they’re a lot of fun and rewarding!) email Aislinn to learn more.