Seed-Swap Potluck – Friday, April 5th

Do you like potlucks? Then you’ll love G.A.L.A.’s “theme-potlucks.” Tomorrow night’s potluck theme is “seed-swapping.” Do you really need three-hundred cucumber seeds? How about trading a few for some Supersonic Tomato seeds? Or how about some geraniums? And why not make the trades after you enjoy a buffet of food prepared by you and your fellow community members? Come join the fun tomorrow night from 6:30-9pm, at Susan & George’s home located at 148 Governor Wentworth Hwy, Mirror Lake, N.H. Call 569-5947 for more information and detailed directions. This potluck is bound to sprout new ideas and friendships. It’s fun, it’s delicious, it’s practical.


G.A.L.A.’s theme potlucks are one of many events that make up our program, Sustainability in Action: Learning and practicing ways of building social capital while restoring ecological integrity. Other potluck themes in the past have included a “clothes-swap,” “book-share”, and “recipe-exchange.” Visit to learn more.