Sign up today for Menu for the Future study circle

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G.A.L.A is inviting community members to participate in an upcoming study circle titled Menu for the Future, scheduled to begin January 26th. Menu for the Future is one of eight courses designed by Granite Earth Institute (GEI) designed to bring people together in a relaxed, yet inquisitive and proactive, atmosphere to learn about social and environmental issues. Each chapter in the GEI workbook uses a collection of book excerpts, articles, poems, and even comics to offer diverse and insightful content about each topic. Although each chapter ends with a series of suggested discussion questions, study circles are self-governed by participants.


Menu for the Future has three main objectives for participants: a) Explore food systems and their impacts on culture, society and ecological systems, b) Gain insight into agricultural and individual practices that promote personal and ecological well-being; and, c) consider ways to create and support sustainable food systems. The course’s six sessions are titled, What’s Eating America?, Anonymous Food, Farming for the Future, You Are What You Eat, Toward a Just Food System, and Choices for Change. Contributing authors to these readings include Michael Pollan, Frances Moore Lappe, Wendell Berry, Barbara Kingsolver, and Bill McKibben.


All study circles are open to the public. This study circle will take place at the First Congregational Church in downtown Wolfeboro on Tuesday evenings. Granite Earth Institute suggests a donation of $20 per workbook, though workbooks can be sold back to GEI at the end of the course if participants so desire. If you are interested in participating in this upcoming course contact G.A.L.A. Study Circle Coordinator, Pat Jones, by calling 569-0031 or email today to learn more and register.


Menu for the Future is the sixth study circle hosted by G.A.L.A. in the Wolfeboro-area. Other GEI courses that have been completed by G.A.L.A. and other groups in the Lakes Region include Voluntary Simplicity, Choices for Sustainable Living, Healthy Children Healthy Planet, Discovering a Sense of Place.