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G.A.L.A. hosts hands-on homesteading and bushcraft workshops about everything from beekeeping to fermenting foods to grafting and beyond! Learn more here.

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Every year G.A.L.A. helps communities in NH organize Study Circles – small groups of people coming together to learn about topics of sustainability in a fashion similar to a book club.  Learn more.

Sustain-A-Raisers and You!

Sustain-A-Raisers are volunteer-led installations of raised garden beds, rain barrels, compost bins, cold frames, and clotheslines! Inquire about hosting or volunteering for a Raiser today!

Stuart Feldman receives Volunteer of the Month!

This Volunteer of the Month award goes to Stuart Feldman.  Thank you Stuart for being such an important member of the G.A.L.A. Community.  Your hard work and commitment and hugely appreciated!!

Many of your have probably seen Stuart and Diana at the Wolfeboro Area  Farmers’ Market busy helping vendors unload their goods and setup  tents.  Both have been volunteering at the market for the last two years.  Stuart has also been a key ingredient of the Fender Blender, not only serving smoothies at the Farmer’s Market, but also helping to harvest the blueberries (pictured here) that are used in these scrumptious bike-blended beverages.

Conveniently, Stuart and Diana live up the road from G.A.L.A.’s office at the Ossipee Mt. Grange Hall located in Water Village, Ossipee.  Stuart checks in every once in awhile to see what is on the office “wish-list.”  Last week Stuart arrived with two staplers and a bag of dry-erase markers – exactly what G.A.L.A. was looking for!  These in-kind contributions really add up and help G.A.LA. save limited resources for other mission aligned projects.

The next time you see Stuart at the farmers’ market be sure to thank him for all he does to help make G.A.L.A. a success! Thank you Stuart!