Sustain-A-Raiser Starter Kit released for Earth Day!

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Today, in honor of Earth Day, G.A.L.A. released its Sustain-A-Raiser Starter Kit – a complete A to Z manual for any community group interested in launching their own sustainable home & yard makeover initiative.  It’s an exciting Earth Day indeed.

Shortly after we began Sustain-A-Raisers in little ‘ol Wolfeboro, NH, we started getting requests to travel far and wide to conduct the volunteer-driven, eco-makeover service. The thought of driving long distances to offer this service seemed counterproductive, at best, to our sustainability goals. Instead, we asked ourselves, “What if we empowered a network of Community Partners to conduct their own Sustain-A-Raisers?” And from there, the idea of the Sustain-A-Raiser Starter Kit was born!

Now, community groups throughout New England – nonprofits, civic organization, faith communities, school clubs, 4H groups, etc. – can use this Kit to meaningfully engage their constituents in an eco-minded, hands-on service project, fundraiser, team building activity, extended learning opportunity, or all of the above.

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This year, in 2014, we will support up to 20 Community Partners in utilizing this Starter Kit throughout New England, on a first come first serve basis. This will include an online webinar, as well as phone and email support. If you have a community group in mind that you think would be a good match, feel free to download and share at will.

Download the Sustain-A-Raiser Starter Kit HERE

After reviewing the Kit, the group should contact us if they would like to be among the team of Community Partners, in which case we will follow up with accompanying Eco-Amenity Practical Guides (design, build, and use details for compost bins, rain barrels, clotheslines), as well as supporting materials like press release templates, volunteer liability forms, budget templates, etc.

We are overwhelmed with gratitude toward the many people and organizations who contributed to the inspiration and creation of this Kit. Thank you, from the bottom of our green G.A.L.A. hearts.

It is an exciting Earth Day indeed for the G.A.L.A. Community.

As you know, today also marks our annual Membership Drive, now with updated benefits and a membership option specific for Businesses and Nonprofits, in addition to Individuals, Students/Seniors, and Families.

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With gratitude and hope,

Josh, Emily, Lynn, Dustin, and the rest of the G.A.L.A. crew!

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