Thank you for making Earth Week a success!

Thank you to everyone (and there were a lot of you! ) who helped make the
Wolfeboro Area Earth Day 40th Anniversary Celebration a huge success.
Special thanks to individuals Susan, Jackie, Barbara, Mary Beth, Boz, John,
June, Adam, Joy, and Jessamy; to all vendors and individuals who
volunteered and participated in the Earth Week Expo, all the organizations
and people who facilitated workshops, nature walks, and presentations
during the week, all the business owners who participated in Wolfeboro
Green Merchant Days and those who sponsored our ad, all venues who
sponsored events and meetings including the Wolfeboro Inn, Brewster
Academy, All Saint’s Church, Kingswood High School, Carpenter Elementary
School, Abenaki, Wolfeboro Solid Waste Facility, Wolfeboro Waste Water
Treatment Center, Public Works Garage, Kingswood Youth Center, and Nordic
Skier, thanks to New England Tree Transplanting, thanks to Huggins Hospital for helping with transportation,thanks to Beverly and the band and all sponsors of the Barn Dance, to BG Hodges, JC Sings and Image Awnings for fixing our vintage banner, to WASR, Community TV, Granite State News, and the Kingswood Press for helping with publicity, and last, but certainly not least, all of you, the community, who participated in our exciting earth week events.  And for those of you who I missed – thank you, thank you, thank you.  Be sure to view, and upload, all pictures from the week’s activities at Stay connected with G.A.L.A. and join us in celebrating sustainability! Josh Arnold, Executive Director, G.A.L.A.

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