The Wolfeboro Area Farmers’ Market is here!


What do juicy red tomatoes, serendipitous encounters, and steaming spinach spanakopita have in common? Still stumped? How about baskets brimming with perfectly ripe zucchini, children playing with sunflower stalks twice their size, and the smell of freshly baked pies wafting this way and that? You guessed it. What else? The appetizing indicator that summer is here. The Wolfeboro Area Farmers’ Market.


G.A.L.A. is pleased to announce that starting this Thursday, June 17th, the Wolfeboro Area Farmers’ Market (WAFM) will take place weekly at Clark Park (233 South Main St.) between the hours of 12:30 and 4:30.


Volunteers to help with vendor setup (11:30) are hugely appreciated. If you are interested and willing to lend a hand carrying boxes of vegetables, setting up tents, and other market setup tasks, please contact on-site Market Manager, Barbara Laverick to discuss possibilities. If your schedule permits a weekly commitment, fabulous. If you can only squeeze in one hour in the middle of the season, it is equally appreciated. Contact Barbara today by calling 569-4531 or email


Begin your weekly summer ritual by joining us next Thursday for opening day of the farmers’ market. Expect to see familiar vendors and new. Bring your family and an appetite, and we’ll do our best to bring good weather and a bountiful harvest. Looking forward to another great season.