Two New Study Circles to Sign Up For!!

Looking for something stimulating to do on a dark winter’s night?  G.A.L.A. has two new Study Circle groups starting up soon – one in Conway and one in Somersworth/Dover  and you’re invited to join in!  Study Circles are a great way to come together with other community members in an informal, yet inquisitive atmosphere to explore issues of social and environmental concern.  The discussion courses provide an enjoyable, supportive setting in which to examine personal values and habits, engage in stimulating conversation, create meaningful community, and consider ways to take action towards creating a more sustainable future.

Come and join the Hungry for Change” Study Circle co-sponsored by the Somersworth Sustainability Committee and G.A.L.A. which explores the true meaning of the phrase “you are what you eat.”

In a six-week schedule, this discussion course challenges participants to examine their roles, not only as consumers of food, but also as creators – of food, of systems, and of the world we all share.  Each session includes readings, short assignments and accompanying group discussion questions that address the impact of individual food choices on a range of issues, including ecosystem health, the treatment of factory and farm workers, and the global economy.  The group will meet 7:00-8:30pm on Tuesdays at Teatotaller  (address) in Somersworth, NH February 28 through April 3rd.  Course books are $20.  Contact Kira to reserve your spot by calling (603) 499-2318 or emailing

The Conway group’s Study Circle will be discussing “Exploring Deep Ecology”, and covering topics such as Wild Nature, Native American Wisdom, The Gaia Hypothesis, The Universe Story, Ecopsychology, Simplicity, Bioregionalism, and more. Participants will explore questions like, “How can we as individuals live a more Earth-centered lifestyle?”, “What can be learned from the rich heritage of Native Americans and their relationship with Mother Earth?”, “What are the challenges and benefits of living a simple life in a society dominated by materialism and technology?”  This group will meet for 6 consecutive Thursdays beginning March 15th, 7:00-8:30pm  in the Red Room of the Conway Public Library. Course books are $12 each.  Those interested should register by Friday, March 9th by contacting Kelly Goodson at 603-986-4570 or emailing

To find out how to  start a Study Circle in your community contact Carol at GALA:  603-539-6460 or  There are nine discussion group topics to chose from: Hungry For Change, Choices for Sustainable Living, Menu for the Future, A World of Health, Just Below the Surface, Voluntary Simplicity, Sustainable Systems at Work,  Global Warming Changing Co2urse,  and Healthy Children Healthy Planet.  G.A.L.A. coordinates Study Circles for the entire state of New Hampshire – help us get the word out and build resilient communities!


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