Vanessa Gikas receives Volunteer of the Month!

January’s Volunteer of the Month award goes to the super hip, insipring, and all around fantastic Vanessa Gikas.

G.A.L.A. had the incredible fortune to be blessed with an outstanding, remarkable intern named Vanessa Gikas, who spent 7 weeks with us as part of a winter “Field Work Term”, required each year for students at Bennington College.

Vanessa is a bright, passionate, and articulate young woman who has a promising future ahead of her.  In her short time with G.A.L.A., she played a role in program development, helped create films for our Starting at Home TV show, created an awesome “G.A.L.A. Guiding Principles” poster, wrote press releases, blog posts, and an Energy$ense article, delved into research on sustainability issues and ideas, and lent her support in an endless number of additional ways.

At school, Vanessa is interested in studying sustainability, grassroots community development, and the interplay between religion and the environment.  She is currently the Recycling Coordinator at her college and in high school was the Co-President of the Civil Rights and Amnesty International club, Event Coordinator of a week-long green living event, volunteer at Rippling Waters Organic Farm, and more.  Her background is truly inspiring and there is no doubt she will continue to do amazing things for her greater community.

She has certainly left her mark at G.A.L.A. and we are very fortunate to have been able to spend these past 7 weeks with her, benefitting in so many ways.  Of her own experience, Vanessa had this to say:

“Out of all of the reasons why I chose G.A.L.A. as my first Field Work Term internship… the most valuable and cherished for me was the connection to the planet that G.A.L.A. works to instill and engage within the community. … Through this internship, all of the kind people I have met, my first snowshoe outing, and all of the favors, invitations, and gatherings I have attended, I’ve been able to grasp a sense of place that has engaged me with an even deeper connection to nature and the incredible environment that sustains us.”

Read about her full experience here: Home Sweet GALA

Thank you Vanessa, so very much, for the wonderful 7 weeks you spent volunteering with us at G.A.L.A.  You will always hold a special place here in the heart of the G.A.L.A. Community!

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