Volunteer of the Month: Keith Garrett!

Keith Garret, Volunteer of the Month, GALA Keith Garrett – a man of many talents indeed!  Many of you know him as the “mushroom man”, or perhaps “computer doctor”, or maybe “space photo specialist”.  We know him as all of the above, and now, as our October Volunteer of the Month!

Keith Garrett has been volunteering his time with G.A.L.A. since 2008 when we launched our first website.  Since then, Keith has walked us through nearly every computer or printer upgrade or hiccup – and there have been many!

Owner of Wolfeboro Computer Solutions, Keith has graciously made many visits to our office, as well as taken broken equipment back to the shop to fix.  From something as complicated as restoring a crashed hard drive, to as seemingly simple as fixing a video camera battery terminal, Keith almost always offers his services as an in-kind contribution to G.A.L.A., which helps us spend more of our limited resources on direct sustainable community building services.

But this past month’s act of generosity is worth noting.  Believe it or not, our only printer decided to crash on the day of our annual Farm to Table fundraiser.  That’s correct – the day of.  Well, we made it through the dinner just fine, but the mishap certainly delayed the 100+ thank you letters we needed to send out.  Where we panicked, Keith wasted no time to initiate an impromptu crowd-source campaign to raise money for a new printer, and sweetened the pot by personally donating $100 and offering a matching gift certificate to Wolfeboro Computer Solutions for any donation of $50 or more.  Within a couple of days G.A.L.A. had over $300 to put toward a new printer.  As if that wasn’t sweet enough, Keith took it upon himself to find an unbelievable deal on an Xerox machine with the full menu of print, fax, scan, and copy features.  It even collates and staples!!  Wow.   Pictured above is Keith in the office helping us setup the new machine.

Keith, we are so incredibly grateful for your generosity and the many ways you have supported G.A.L.A. over the years.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.   If you see Keith in town be sure to thank him for helping to keep G.A.L.A.’s office functioning properly.  And if you have any computer or printer needs, be sure to drink your Ovaltine! Just kidding.  Give Wolfeboro Computer Solutions a call and they will do whatever it takes to get your computer or printer working properly – and you’re sure to have service with a smile!  THANK YOU KEITH!!!