Volunteer of the Month is Samantha Wood!

wafm volunteerWe are incredibly proud and excited to announce the July Volunteer of the Month recognition to Samantha Wood!

Sam is one of a very select group of people who have been volunteering since the organization was founded in 2006.  Originally tagging along with her mother and one of G.A.L.A.’s founding board members, Jessamy Wood, Sam would be asked to tackle various office tasks that to the everyday person might go unnoticed, but to a small nonprofit have been absolutely vital.  For instance, pictured below is Sam showcasing the endless clothespins each separately branded “G-A-L-A”.   These pins were used in G.A.L.A.’s parade as well as our “solar clothes dryer” installation for Sustain-A-Raisers.


This summer Sam has been volunteering at G.A.L.A.’s booth at the Wolfeboro Area Farmers’ Market, helping educate people about G.A.L.A. and of course serve our infamous pedal-powered smoothies.  She is exceptionally outgoing and highly articulate when it comes to sharing about G.A.L.A.’s mission and programs.  Last week Sam biked six miles to get to the Farmer’s Market! Now that’s dedication!

When Sam’s not volunteering with G.A.L.A. she is known to wield her foil at fencing. Some of Sam’s other interests include learning more about different cultures, governments, and social circumstances around the world – always exercising her “global awareness”.  She is an avid reader, writer, and creative with crafts.  If you see her at the next Farmers’ Market be sure to ask her how she made her 100% recycled hat our of a yogurt container, pillow case, and old belt.

Sam’s nickname is Squirrel since she is energetic and bouncy both in her physical actions at fencing club and in her enthusiasm and cheerfulness when she G.A.L.A.s. But the real question is . .  Do you G.A.L.A.?

Sam with Do You GALA T-Shirt!


Sam, we at G.A.L.A. are incredibly grateful for your dedication to sustainable community building, and hope to continue working with you for many years to come!  THANK YOU SAMANTHA WOOD!