Volunteer of the Month: Tim Morrison!

Volunteer of the Month: Tim Morrison: V
Tim Morrison is a man of many talents.  Fantastic home-brewer,  good with the pressure canner, skilled timber frame builder, can work an excavator like the best of ’em, and yes, that’s Tim playing the mandolin in the Briar Hill Band.  Tim is a friend and has been a generous volunteer among the G.A.L.A. Community, especially as of late!

 Prepping for our Sustainable Home & Yard Makeover season is no small task!!  One of the most important materials that we need to procure are 2×12 boards for installing raised garden beds.  Tim, being the owner of Northern Woods Tree Service and Excavation Inc. in Moutlonborough, has offered his time and the use of his mill to make these boards.  Thank you Tim! This service is a HUGE help in helping G.A.L.A. provide “raised beds on demand” to those that want them.  If you are ever in need of tree service, stump removal, freshly cut lumber, snow removal, or landscaping, give Tim a call at (603) 476-5870! Thank you for being such a special member of the G.A.L.A. Community Tim! Below is a video of the Tim’s mill:

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