Volunteer of the Year goes to Beverly Woods!

Beverly Woods

Beverly and Shana playing at the G.A.L.A Farm to Table 2012


The Volunteer of the Year award goes to an individual, or sometimes a family, who is often “behind-the-scenes” attending to details that could go unnoticed by the typical bystander, but to G.A.L.A.’s success are absolutely vital.   And this is why we chose the watering can.  If G.A.L.A. were a plant, this person would be the nourishment that reaches our taproot, giving us strength so that our programs may blossom, and the fruits of our sustainability mission enjoyed by the community at large.

This year’s award goes to a person who has been “nourishing” G.A.L.A. with her volunteer time and dedication since the organization was in its earliest “seed” stage of development.  Originally as a mother-daughter team, they established G.A.L.A.’s very first website, effectively giving this newly budding group a “global” presence on the world wide web.  Her daughter is now off pursuing her master’s degree at Georgetown after graduating from Trinity University, but she knew she was leaving G.A.L.A. in good hands with her mother.

Beverly &Olivia

And as it turns out, this person also takes on some motherly characteristics with G.A.L.A..  She alone is the one who cares for all things technical.  When our computers get sick, or our printers have an emotional breakdown, or our server is feeling “down”, this person makes it her number one priority to make sure everything is back in smooth working order without missing a beat.

The amount of patience this woman has is astounding.  How Josh can make one picture consume 86% of the website’s bandwidth remains a mystery for most, but she will take the time to sift through endless data files to fix the problem.

And when she is not fixing a technical glitch, she is brightening a G.A.L.A. event or contra dance with her musical talents and culture.  She is an impressive mushroom forager.  A political force to be reckoned with.  A student and teacher of compassionate communication.  And one of G.A.L.A.’s longest standing volunteers.

CONGRATULATIONS BEVERLY WOODS!!  Thank you for so many hours of service that have nourished G.A.L.A. through the years.