Volunteers of the Month – Jackie Witham & Willie Swaffield!

G.A.L.A. is pleased to recognize two outstanding volunteers for April and May’s Volunteer of the Month award – Jackie Witham and Willie Swaffield.  Both are pictured here loading compost for the Food Pantry Garden last summer.  On behalf of the G.A.L.A. Community, “Thank You Jackie and Willie!”

Jackie Witham has been  volunteering for G.A.L.A. since the summer of 2008 when she began participating in the Veggie Volunteer Program – harvesting vegetables from Sherman Farms and bringing them to the Life Ministries Food Pantry for local distribution.   Jackie continued to help G.A.L.A. make “local foods more accessible” by helping with the Food Pantry Garden.  Jackie’s involvement has only deepened and broadened since, and she has recently proven herself as a skilled event and volunteer coordinator as demonstrated in her role as Chair of the Earth Week Expo Committee.

When Jackie is not investing her time with G.A.L.A.’s sustainable community building endeavors she can often be found enjoying the outdoors with her dog Dasha, applying for graduate school in the medical field, and managing a retail store in downtown Wolfeboro called Stay Tuned.  Be sure to stop by the store and tell Jackie how grateful we are for her tireless and continued support.  Thanks Jackie!

For good reason, Willie Swaffield has adopted the title of G.A.L.A.’s “Special Ops Executive.”  Why? Consider this common scenario –

Josh: Calls Willie, “Willie, Adam Tasker from WSW set aside 12 glass doors for G.A.L.A. to use for building community cold-frames, but we need to pick them of today.  Can you meet me with the truck at the Transfer Station in an hour?”

Willie: “10-4, I’ll be there.”

Last month, Willie on the spot services were put to the test when two pallets of rain barrels and compost bins were accidentally delivered to the Public Works Garage instead of the home of G.A.L.A. volunteer, Pat Jones.  Knowing that the bins had to be moved immediately, Pat thought fast and called the Special Ops Executive.  Within hours Willie had relocated the entire two pallets to their proper home for pickup by G.A.L.A. customers.  Willie’s ceaseless willingness to help, his enthusiasm, his truck, and his kind nature, are immensely appreciated and important in helping G.A.L.A. get the job done.  If you see Willie in the the community mowing lawns, blowing leaves, or , his favorite, plowing, be sure to honk and wave as a gesture of thanks for his invaluable support.  Thanks Willie!