Water Month

As part of G.A.L.A.’s and Project Laundry List’s public access television show Starting At Home, the month of March will focus on the issues surrounding water and the ways you can conserve water at home or in the work place.

A small series of videos will explore various issues like freshwater scarcity, water privatization, water pollution, the bottled water industry, and the increase in plastic consumption as a result. Starting At Home will also recognize the international World Water Day on March 22 and will discuss what kind of activities and events are taking place in celebration of our planet’s most vital resource.

G.A.L.A. is interested in what you do at home to conserve water. Do you drink your tapwater? Do you use a reusable bottle? What about low-flow showerheads and faucets? What type of plumbing modifications exist that can help your household reduce its consumption of water? We want to hear from you about what you’re doing to protect this resource or how you plan to do your part in the worldwide movement to conserve water.

If you would like to share information on how you conserve water in the home or the workplace, or if you would like to volunteer for an episode of Starting At Home, contact G.A.L.A. to learn more!