We did it! We reached our fundraising goal! Thank you volunteers and supporters!

First Night Soup Sale 2010

Happy New Year! G.A.L.A. is pleased to announce that we entered 2011 with our best Chili & Chowda’ sale yet! Thank you, so very much, to everyone who helped make this event possible! Between the soup sale and the holiday donations over the last two months we successfully reached our fundraising goal of $2,500, in fact, we exceeded it by $1!! This money will help kick-start our programming for 2011 so that we can continue building sustainable community, one garden, one clothesline, one compost bin at a time! Thank you, so much!

But that’s not all. As you may recall, G.A.L.A. Director Josh Arnold promised that if we reached our fundraising goal he would do one of three bizarre public stunts as a token of his appreciation. Everyone who donated was able to cast a vote as to which stunt that wanted to see him perform. Well, we reached our goal and the votes are in! Later this month Josh will be dining out at The Restaurant in downtown Wolfeboro dressed in a full lamb costume!! Stay tuned for more details so you can join us for a very special, and awkward, evening out on the town!

And finally, a very special thanks to all of our volunteers who helped make the soup sale a success!! These volunteers did everything from peeling garlic to picking up clams in RI to baking cookies to donating hot chocolate to washing carrots to making bread bowls to doing dishes to transporting water to busing tables and everything in between!! Thank you Becky, Mary Beth, Nadine, Willie, Jessamy, Tom B., Peg, Diane, Mike, Karen, Nicole, Tom R., Steve, Michael, Beth, Jackie, Hope, Gerry, Justin, Stuart, Diana, Jackie Star, Alex, Sally, Jonathan, Hunters IGA, Hannfords, Downtown Market Grille, Lydia’s Cafe, Kingswood Vocational Center, and of course all of you who came out to fill your bellies and warm your bones with G.A.L.A.’s now famous Chili & Chowda’!! The G.A.L.A. Community is alive and well! Thank you!

First Night Nicole