Welcome Lily Morgan!

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Lily Morgan to the G.A.L.A. Community staff, joining us as Volunteer & Event Coordinator.   Bringing Lily on as staff if a tremendous step in the right direction for G.A.L.A., for she brings exceptional skills and enthusiasm to this work – we are fortunate indeed!  We hope you get to know Lily over the coming weeks and months, perhaps at a Contra Dance, a Sustain-A-Raiser, Re-skill-ience Workshop, or maybe over the phone should you call the office for any reason.  In the meantime, Lily has offered us a little glimpse into her life that we are honored to share –

Lily was raised in the “Christmas” City (Bethlehem, PA) as a Quaker and an athlete, both of which have been significant components of her identity. While acquiring her degree at University of Vermont in the Rubenstein School for Environment and Natural Resources, she traveled abroad to Scotland to study conservation methods in the Scottish Highlands and to Zanzibar, Tanzania to study Swahili, natural resource management, and marine ecology. Living with families in Zanzibar for 6 months was an expansive and awakening experience. She returned to the United States with a passion for change and understanding – both of her community (global and local), and the journey of her own personal healing.

After graduating with an Environmental Studies degree, Lily cycled across the country with two of her friends to simply explore, learn, and meet people. Faith was restored for her regarding communities in the United States and her interest in healing and human relationships continued. Much of the beginning of Lily’s “career” was jumpy, like most. She nannied, was a barista, did some farming, worked with a few conservation organizations and land trusts, and was a Teacher/Naturalist at Tin Mountain Conservation Center. The desire to work more closely with people started shifting her path.

She now lives with her husband in Tamworth, NH. Her favorite things to do include walking her pup in the woods, identifying trees, and tracking animals in the snow, but really she wants humans to be deeply engrained in her work. Having GALA in her sphere is a great way to continue on this journey and she feels very passionate about GALA’s mission. She hopes to be creative enough to bring her Yoga Teacher Training experience and Hakomi therapy background to her work in some way. Above all else, she wants to help people care for themselves.